Moschino Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Milan

Jeremy Scott went a little bit Looney Tunes with his fall/winter 2015 Moschino show. But this is a designer who loves to put a playful twist on archetypal attire and get his kook on by creating clothing that taps into sunny side nostalgia.

This season Scott looked to the hip hop styles of the '80s for his starting point. So, to the infections rhythms of J.J. Fad’s “Supersonic” and Kris Kross’s “Jump,” he sent out day glow gear in padded quilting that Flavor Flav would certainly be a fan of. He probably would also like to get his hands on one of the Tweety bird-faced clock necklaces Scott sent down the runway along with the baseball jerseys covered in Looney Tunes characters doing their best gangsta poses across the front. While the semi-shear black tops, embroidered with enough gold chains to make Mr. T proud, made a nice lightweight alternative to the real thing.

It was in his group of denim pieces that Scott showed the most promise in terms of salability. And some sweatshirt skirts and denim jacket/sweats hybrid pieces were a good blend of quirk and cool.

The house even came up with a #readytobear tracking hashtag to tap into the show’s teddy bear-themed clothing (teddy hoodie, teddy carrying a backpack backpack, teddy motif knit dress) as well as the teddy-shaped perfume bottles and iphone 6 covers placed on all the seats. This Moschino team knows their marketing chops.

When the show finished off with evening dresses beaded or printed in a graffiti pattern (the handbag a matching can of spray paint), the collection was complete. Scott had squeezed and subverted every lighthearted recollection he possibly could out of the '80s.

Mike drop.