MSGM Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Milan

With rumors swirling around Milan Fashion Week that MSGM designer Massimo Giorgetti might be heading to Pucci, he decided to throw the fashion world for a loop and concentrate on textures, rather than the jovial, abstract prints he is famous for. 

Spirographs, the mathematical roulette toy made by Hasbro in the '80's, were the driving symbol behind the collection. Merry-go-round shapes and hypnotic spheres were fashioned into 3D earrings, embroidered onto shift dresses and deconstructed into intricate lace mini-dresses. 

Fit for a girl who isn't ready to grow up just yet, the playground theme was further enforced by the bright crayola colors palette that nearly overshadowed the superior artisanal quality of the collection. 

And in that respect, Giorgetti wasn't playing around. 

"The leather lace was made exclusively for us and it is interesting because it is a spirograph.  The whole collection is made in Italy — all our stuff is — from the sweatshirts to the embroidery," Giorgetti told NOWFASHION backstage, adding that patchwork was a fundamental aspect. 

"There is intricate wool patchwork and patchwork of furs like astrakhan," he added. 

Accessories were competitive in terms of leather craftsmanship. Deconstructed cowboy prints were emblazoned on booties and thigh-high gogo boots, while flaming waves, hearts and stars were chiseled into purses. Fallen leaf-like appliqué and jubilant tie-neck wool coats were like nothing we have seen this season.  

With a brand sold in nearly 700 stores worldwide and top markets like Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York and a faithful following of enthusiastic 15- to 30-year-olds, it is reasonable to assume that Giorgetti's trajectory is facing in the direction of one of fashion's vanguard brands.