MSGM's Giorgetti Turns The Page

MILAN—With streetwear on an upward trajectory, Massimo Giorgetti's vibrant collections strike a chord with millennials ... you know, the future really.


Photo by Gio Staiano for NOWFASHION

After exiting Emilio Pucci this year, Giorgetti was quite open and upbeat with the press backstage regarding his Spring/Summer 2018 and the fact that he can concentrate on his passion: streetwear. Color therapy, he said, has a lot to do with this season and his ethos. 

"I feel really in shape. That's why I decided to wear this acid yellow sweatshirt. I love fashion with energy. It's real," he said, explaining his moodboard that was greatly influenced by work of audio artist and digital painter Frederic Sanchez, who has produced soundtracks for Thomas Tait and Jil Sander. 

"I returned to work, investing 100 percent in the collection with my team," Giorgetti pointed out. 

The runway was full of pantone firework colors in flame orange and plastic pink.  

Color poetry, blocking, and digital plays fueled his furious, musical clash sprayed on denim and trench coats colors. The front row was studded with fashion's elite and A-listers like Olivia Palermo sitting front row.  

"I have always been a huge supporter of his. He uses great color and is all about color," the influencer told NOWFASHION. 

A hearty applause closed the show, indicative of the community's support for Giorgetti. 

"I admit, this streetwear is a little bit angry. But you know what, that is very MSGM. Fashion changes your life," Giorgetti said.