Naeem Khan Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 New York

From Spain to Argentine, designer Naeem Khan swept the Latin world with a wide glance, and depicted it with a soft-focus brush of romance that heralded the launch of his bridal line in October. Ladies, that still leaves you plenty of time to get ready for your spring wedding.

Recalling on –no particular order here- Moorish arabesques, flamenco, Frieda Kahlo and her distinct hairstyle, flora and fauna and other typical visual keys, Khan smoothly mixed in the charm of a peasant blouse and voluminous skirt, a tulle gown strewn with a bed of red, red roses, and even the naïve depiction of animals (all sequined in bright sunny oranges, yellows and greens). The audible swooshing of hundreds of beaded tassels was a reminder that Khan does love the look of an embellishment, particularly those of the stop-and-stare variety. Stunning were his floor-length kaftans, certainly lovely even for the most elegant of events.

It would have carried more punch, had Khan not given in to that old chestnut aimed at wooing retailers: his colorful geometric print dress was presented as its long sleeveless A-line, long-sleeved siren and short cocktail-hour variations. The same happened with a black and white embroidered print, and again later. But who wants to quibble, it was all so lovely.

- Lily Templeton