Ovadia & Sons Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Victor Garber isn't a name one usually hears as a front-rower at a fashion week show, but he was instantly recognizable, white hair and all as he shook the hand of fellow front-row guest Colton Haynes. There's an almost 40-year age gap, Garber having played his now infamous role in Titanic while Haynes was still in middle school, and one that should be noted when it comes to New York-based brand Ovadia & Sons.

Take their latest offering for spring 2015: classic pieces like a double-breasted plaid suit or a cotton trench serve at any age whilst a pair of mid-thigh length pleated shorts -- an admitted oddity amongst the short options this season -- in a digitally created houndstooth are for the more daring, and likely younger.  Those designs, the single-breasted blazer options and bomber jackets included, were familiar for the brand. What was new: a tricot jogging pant, nylon jackets done in neon and a black nylon hoodie, presented under a suit. Those pieces compose only part of the brand's new Ovadia+ collection which sees them expanding into activewear.  While they were indeed solid in their own right, in that way they should have stayed; in their own right. The mix could easily go off kilter, as with the case of the neon.