Patrik Ervell Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 New York

In the midst of a season where sports deluxe seems to be all the rage, it is no surprise that one of the best iterations came from Patrik Ervell. As one of the early—and most consistent—ones to pioneer this aesthetic of form meets function, tech meets austerity, Ervell follows a straight and narrow path season after season. “My shows have their own dialogue within the larger context,” he said backstage. “I’m not a guy on trends; I’m building my own label.”

High tech, experimental shapes reigned supreme, where the Bay Area-native noticed a unique phenomenon in outerwear. “Outdoor clothing was being manipulated using the most over-the-top techniques,” he said. “So I took this collection in that extreme technique wilderness direction.” That translated into a shoe collaboration with Tevas to produce a hiking sandal and outerwear—anoraks, bomber jackets, parkas, macintoshes and trenchcoats—that were all given a newfound strength that resulted not from new tricks, but by keeping things simple and pure.

Amidst all the hugging of nature, Ervell peppered in looks that were bold—literally and figuratively. The three-button blazer, a design taken straight from the nineties, made its way back onto the runway in convincing form while pops of bright neon kept the collection going in a forward trajectory.

- Jim Shi