Paul Smith Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 London

Today was a big day for bike fanatics in London.  Sir Paul Smith is a bike enthusiast, and was on course to be a racing cyclist had fate not taken him in another direction, so it was ironic that on the day of his spring summer 2015 show the ‘Tour de Britain’ cycle race was speeding through London and his passion nearly lost him his guests.

It was an interesting parallel – the city in gridlock, traffic paralyzed, all the bridges shut while over at Tour de Paul living was easy, fashion was effortless, and this was a collection unfazed by fashion trends, schedules, or bikes, sorry Paul.

Easy breezy, and returning to the atrium of 1 Granary Square, home to Central Saint Martins fashion school, and hub of ideas felt as natural as the wood paneled setting.  But what of the clothes? Well, that’s just the thing. Paul Smith wants you to take your bag, ideally one of his new squishy soft ones, and go find inspiration (maybe take a bike).  That was the point, or in the case the line, of this collection – the Paul Smith stripe was parallel, vertical, horizontal, drawn with a ruler and not with a curve.  Preppy, muted, modern tones, un-fused and happy to let the personality wearing it rather than the ruffle hem, silk lapel, drop waist or slouched pant distract.  This was off-duty and ready for the wearer to slouch off, hands in pockets, comfortable in themselves as much as their fashion. 


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