Perry Ellis Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York
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Perry Ellis Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

The gang was all there to support Perry Ellis' return to the catwalk. Steven Kolb -- recently one of the more outspoken about the need for New York to begin its own men-centric fashion week -- as well as Josh Peskowitz, Nick Wooster and a number of the affectionately named #menswear bros.  "I think it's great to see a seminal and iconic American brand back on the runway," Cameron Silver of Decades told us after the show. "I think it's sort of interesting that if they keep this very accessible contemporary price point, it's going to go 'gang busters!' We're all saying buy the stock!"

If you're planning on buying stock, you're hoping that the new Creative Director Michael Maccari has his finger on the pulse of the masses when he sends down velour track suits, suede and leather backpacks and a number of knits, including knit socks under Tevla sandals. It's a look that screams very now, though with the almost glacial pace at which the menswear arena moves, it'll also still be a look that's relevant by the time that spring rolls around.

Sporty details like zip pockets on the back of nylon cycling jackets mix with tailoring while Perry's history and fascination for print is kept on the table. Want all of that boiled down into one look? Take exit seven: an anorak for the sporty, stripe blazer for tailoring and a bandana print shirt. An interestingly styled look but chock full of actual wearables that would fit in any contemporary man's closet. So get your stock indeed.