Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2016 Milan
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Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2016 Milan

Lorenzo Serafini's country girl this Spring/Summer was wrapped up in lace and crochet like a provocatively sweet sachet of potpourri. 

"I discovered the photos of David Hamilton as a child and I fell in love. They have a hidden yet romantic sensuality, a sense of serenity, beauty and love for nature that I feel is very close to my own spirit," Serafini said. 

From the fringe Texan cowhide jackets and the basket-weave shoulder bags to the floor length silky prairie dresses – it was all reminiscent of what we loved about Laura Ingalls Wilder's bestselling "Little House" books and, later, the series. 

Serafini also infused the collection with some charming Europa, with some prints that resembled the hand painted Dutch Delftware patterns that he splashed onto easy, casual silk pantsuits and breezy dresses. 

The designer also channeled his experience at Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, and reworked granny's handiwork into some naughty ensembles – woolen knit lingerie, peekaboo-here-are-my-nipples transparent smocks, bias cut pastel dresses, and midriff short suits for a midnight rendezvous.  

As in the past, Serafini played with this sense of fleeting adolescent innocence and purity. 

But unlike the prairie girl genre and all of its protagonists – the Philosophy by Serafini girl wouldn't be caught dead on a pony.  She cruises on the wild horses... bare back.