Prabal Gurung Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

“I have always said I love women of substance, and you know with age and experience I think women become so much more interesting. And these are the women that I want to hang out with. They are the ones that are inspiring me,” said Prabal Gurung about his choice to use models in multiple age brackets in his signature show.

Right back at you Prabal.

Gurung’s progression as a designer, particularly over the past couple of years, has been fascinating to watch. His steady sartorial exploration and the development of hallmark styles for his brand have shown him to be a determined designer.

Once again, this season he turned to the mountains as a source of inspiration. It is a starting point that has served him well in the recent past. This time he looked to the Adirondacks in the state of New York to set his collection in motion. And if all Gurung needs is a different mountain range each season to produce such desirable fur and wool coats, shimmering beaded evening wear and sensual shift dresses, then let him keep trekking.

This was a thoroughly lovely collection that harmoniously blended a minimalistic foundation, in geometric draping and fabric combinations on slip dresses, with more exuberantly elegant pieces. For example, a cashmere bomber jacket trimmed in silver fox fur or a snow leopard printed velvet coat. Beautiful too was the artisanal allure of a Fair Isle embroidered tweed sweatshirt or a slim knee-length skirt embellished with a hand cut diamond motif.

The more forgiving shapes of the linear silhouettes also helped to accent another clever way Gurung brought his mountain range into his designs. Plunging v-neck fronts or deep Vs at the back of his eveningwear gave a whole new meaning to the concept of hills and valleys.

This was an accomplished collection. One that was elegantly executed and fully formed.