Prada Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2017 Milan

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Prada Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2017 Milan

From the ethnic to the iconic, the rich mix of themes was drawn together with Miuccia Prada's unconventional eye which keeps the house out of the mainstream and in a league all of its own. [CONTINUE READING...]

We saw them make an outing on Mrs Prada's catwalk last season, with flourishes here and there. This season they were back - and bigger. Feathers made for thick swathes at the bottom of dresses and skirts, seriously desirable ones at that, and were executed in a way that gave them weight as both a design decoration and as a style concept. [CONTINUE READING...]

Prada presented the artisanal side of the fashion industry in every way it could. From intricate knitwear that called to mind the snow bunny looks of Lapland and Alaska, to satin shoes and wool coats. Woven with intricate embroidery, these pieces could only have be crafted by the hands of true artisans. [CONTINUE READING...]


“When I want to seduce, I know how to do it.” Miuccia Prada jokes backstage at her show just a few minutes before the first techno beats by Cardopusher fill the large room. Decorated like a house, there are beds and lampshades in a similar setting to the men’s show, but with fresh personalized touches. Passport pictures and stickers tell a story. “It’s the city of women.” Miuccia Prada explained to MFF, bringing the walls to life with posters that reconstructed the work of Robert McGinnis. Much loved in the world of cinema, the artist is best known for his movie poster illustrations for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and some of the most famous from the James Bond franchise. The label’s women seem to be a sum of these cinematic worlds. The ladylike gets dangerous, femininity found in marches for human rights. A little seventies at the start - referencing the menswear collection - before letting go with a liberal use of colour. From hand crafted knits, decorated with floral designs. Feather edging on skirts, on the sides of dresses, on the edge of shoes. Or the hoody style headdresses that fluttered with every step. “I investigated the instruments of seduction”, continued Miuccia Prada, who mixed big patchwork coats and prints evoking the original artworks by Robert McGinnis. From necklaces with shells, ‘70s style hair and fringing that is destined to turn heads. More fringing - micro-pearls on sensual dresses – appeared for the first time on a Prada catwalk, a watershed moment perhaps. Mini and maxi mermaid shaped skirts, some with ruffle hems, with long slits, were worn with flat boots that finished high on the thigh, made out of in exotic skin. 

By Giampietro Baudo - MFF Magazine for Fashion

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Watch the livestream of the Prada show ready-to-wear collection Fall/Winter 2017 from Milan.