Pringle of Scotland Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Milan
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Pringle of Scotland Menswear Fall Winter 2012 Milan

Pringle, the label that gave birth to the Scottish knitwear industry, came to Milan to prove one thing: despite its archaic past (1815) it is still more than capable of reinventing itself.

For Autumn/Winter 2012 the audience was faced with wave upon wave of bold colors; beiges, yellows, reds, oranges all immediately lifted the mood. Warm but fine cashmere sweaters were combined with tapered pants as well as an array of beautiful chunky knits. All of the above continued to prove that the label remains close to its roots as the creator of luxury knitwear.

For the second half models were dressed in more somber grays that immediately drew our focus to the detailing. This included two-tone jackets and striking green linings. Overall, the eccentrics of the show were the patent leather three-quarter trousers and classic colored shoes whose tips were washed with flamboyant blue.

By the end of the show it was clear that Pringle of Scotland left their mark thanks to the collection’s fun and playful colors while sticking to what the label knows best – making gorgeous knitwear that by next Winter every man will want to get their hands on.

- Pascale Barget