Richard Chai Love Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Fashion week isn't complete without its front row glitterati, and the Richard Chai show, a presentation of both his LOVE and men's lines, came replete with that. The flashes started with gusto once Nick and Joe Jonas as well as Darren Criss all took their seats on the front row. And while those bulbs were of course considerably bright, they were reflected in part via the lurex laced and metallic colored  designs on the runway.

For reference points there was something distinctly urbane about the collection -- the snow boot turned sneakers that not so discretely added height to the male models a la MBMJ last season and Hood by Air before that, a stand out. Mixed prints and textures -- the aforementioned lurex here, a bit of mesh there and even some running thrown into the mix -- came rendered for both the girls and guys, the former in pewter pleated dresses and the latter in smart polos. Silhouettes came certainly conscious of the body but not beholden to it, falling, for the women, into an already established long and layered mode that is no doubt an early trend of the week.