Roland Mouret Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 Paris

Daria Shapovalova at Paris Fashion Week S/S 2014: Roland Mouret

Daria wears Anna October dress and Rick Owens jacket


This year it was about ‘lets open doors’, open doors that I have never done before,” said Roland Mouret about his spring/summer 2014 show. “I wanted to push myself and see the reaction.”

Well he certainly took his collection in a new direction. His women were taken off the high heeled, body hugging pedestal that he had placed them on in the past and replaced it with something a bit more playful, definitely more colorful and certainly graphic in the use of dramatic black and white color blocking.

There was a tropical, rock and roll vibe to this show.  A feeling enhanced by what looked like black electric tape that finished off the straps on a dress, or embellished the waist of a skirt. Also, the way Mouret draped and wrapped fabric around the models bodies to create asymmetrical finishes had a crafty DIY dimension to the designs. One that was heightened by the vivid mix of colors that made up each ensemble. 

It’s nice to see the designer trying to break out of the “Goddess dress" mold the fashion world has put him in. Looks like living in the hub of fashion’s most creatively adventurous cities (London) is starting to rub off on the Frenchman.