Rubin Singer Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Rubin Singer is known for crafting a sexy number. There was that Super Bowl look for Beyoncé in all black, and then there was the sultry number Kerry Washington wore as Olivia Pope on the hit Scandal show, set to return to screens on the 25th of this month. The good thing is the designer is at least aware of and comfortable with that but at his private appointments to debut his Spring collection the designer wanted to clear up something: he can make those sexy numbers for more than just evening.

Because of that, the designer ramped up the color with a botanical print and focused his attention on daywear. Yes, there was still an option or two for Olivia Pope in there, in case costume designer Lyn Paolo stops by (a white raincoat comes to mind) and even something that would fit Rihanna, a girl known for her young, sporty and sexy style (hello bralette tops), but there was practically no options for a gala. "The reason why I did a very daywear- focused collection is because everyone knows me for my evening and it's really important for me to start speaking the language of a full collection," Singer explained.

The best part about it all: Singer can actually do daywear! Key looks from the collection include a scribble print jacquard dress as well as a white cotton fil coupe dress that could easily become a go-to for Sunday brunch. It was a win for the designer, no doubt, his version of a crop top ("No, of course it's not a classic crop top; I try not to have too many classics") and coral leather leggings included.