Saint Laurent Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris
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Saint Laurent Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

There were changes in store for the audience at the Saint Laurent show. Designer Hedi Slimane took to heart some of the feedback he got from the fashion press and made some helpful adjustments. Well, at least as far as the mise-en-scène was concerned.

The venue was no longer dangerously pitch black upon arrival and the usually flat seating had been reworked into a stadium style. Finally giving everyone an unfettered view. As for the collection itself, well, you can have any kind of clothing you want at Slimane's Saint Laurent as long as it is black and super skinny or super short.

Out of an impressive house of mirrors backdrop the designer gave his own twist on the founder’s famous love of the color black. Anyone lucky enough to have attended an original Yves Saint Laurent show can attest to the fact that the iconic designer was a master at manipulating the rich color and proved without a doubt that a myriad of shades resided within that one hue.

On Sunday night Slimane’s homage was wicked smart. As any buyer will tell you, black sells, and it sells very very well. So this collection’s ultra skinny pants, be they stovepipe jeans, second skin leathers with horizontal slashes of silver zippers, or stick-thin trousers, should fly out of stores like hotcakes. As will the many shimmering super slim beaded blazers, which have become a new hallmark of the brand under Slimane’s reign. And count on knockoffs of this collection’s pin adorned berets sprouting up on the heads of millennials starting — well, today.

For those looking for an alternative to black, pickings were thin. A hot pink fur jacket was the one exclamation point of color in the show, with the odd olive green blouson jacket or straight and narrow camel coat other options. As for the ladies, they had a large selection of tried-and-true mini LBDs to choose from.

In the fashion world’s ever-changing sartorial explorations, Slimane’s rock and roll super cool hipsters are turning out to be the sartorial equivalent of the North Star — never changing from their position in the fashion filament. A constant from which the industry can forever navigate by.