Salvatore Ferragamo Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Milan

Somewhere beyond the haze of summer, the Ferragamo woman is conjured as a vision of purity of line and movement by the house's creative director, Massimiliano Giornetti. After a couple of seasons spent searching for the right pitch, it has been found, resulting in a collection that fused the propriety of the house's heritage, with the forward leaning movement any designer aspires to. 

From the creamy white cape that opened the show, there was a sense of understated ease, an appeased traveller's wardrobe. Beautiful ribbed dresses will prove a smart and lasting choice for the classically inclined Ferragamo woman, while those with a bit more daring will go for more architectural tops and pieces spliced with snakeskin, the major story here. As desirable as it was, it's hard to picture the stand up collar greatcoat in summer but in the global context of retail, seasons have become merchandise drop dates rather than weather markers. Further on, richly hued dresses, sweeping down to the floor, evoked summer escape and, if you were looking for poetic comparison, the subtle lights of opals. It may have seemed too quiet a proposal, despite the visual appeal of sculptural flatforms, a nude hued nod to the iconic rainbow wedge, but the big picture was a riff on the image of fluid grace. More color could have make this come alive more, but that's cutting a fine point.

What felt different here is that the game is no longer using the most precious materials to create the wares expected by an increasingly informed clientele. Rather, it has become adding value through hand crafting. More than ever, this artisanal quality exerts an irresistible attraction for designers angling to capture attention through more than dash. With this in mind, this collection was a flawless play for Giornetti.