Shiatzy Chen Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris

The color most associated with ice is blue but despite the sparkling wall at the end of Shiatzy Chen's runway, the dominant color of the first silhouettes that emerged at her fall show was a soft peony pink. Chalk that up to the divine nature of designer Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia's visitors alighting from the Chinese "Classic of Mountains and Seas" or other lofty peaks of human mythology.

Shape proposals ran the gamut from youthful to stately: a future proof blouson and chromed leather mini-skirt in pink, a simple red dress belted with a length of leather, a black cape coat with a fur collar. The more attractive silhouettes were no doubt the ones with universal appeal, balancing extensive handiwork with contemporary cuts.

Certainly Chen's goddesses lead glamorous lives, ones that call for the sophistication of leather embroideries, or an autumnal palette transcribed in vivid detail on an entire coat. In working her rich inspirations into even richer wardrobe propositions, the Taiwanese designer reaches out to a clientele that has perhaps long departed Parisian shores but lives on strongly elsewhere, one that has a taste for couture in the everyday, delivered with the impulse-buy convenience of ready-to-wear.