Shiatzy Chen Ready To Wear Preview Fall Winter 2012 Paris
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Shiatzy Chen Ready To Wear Preview Fall Winter 2012 Paris


Chinese actress Lin Peng was enjoying herself, trying on jackets and bags in between posing for the cameras. The actress, who has come out in several dramas- her next film is ‘‘the Chinese version of Meet the Parents, my first comedy’’- says her favourite celebrity is Angelina Jolie because she’s ‘’different, wild, and mysterious.’’ 

"My own style is simple but I try to experiment with different looks. And I like Shiatzy Chen’s style. She’s one of the few Chinese fashion brands to show in Paris. I’m very proud to be here,’’ said Peng. 

Madame Wang Chen Tsai-hsia, the brand’s designer, is equally proud that the brand’s Chinese heritage is favoured by her country’s young actresses. But what she most enjoys at the moment is the being able express and grow her creative vision in Europe. ‘’I want to show the international feel of Chinese clothing; it’s not just ‘traditional Chinese’, it’s  global.’’

The brand, which is sometimes called ‘the Chanel of Shanghai’ (due to its image and reach) opened its boutique in Paris in 2000, after decades as one of China’s leading fashion labels. Its aim is to be the most luxurious Chinese fashion brand. ‘‘We do  sophisticated, modern Chinese clothing and our price points are quite high. Our materials include jade- this is a recent addition to our clothing line, these accessories, they’re just 5 years old.’’

Other accessories carry Chinese elements that are carried over from the brand’s clothing. These include Chinese porcelain, calligraphy and shadow play.  

This season’s collection, which utilizes fur, brocades and leather, brings together Miao culture and the Year of the Dragon.

-Ria de Borja