Shiatzy Chen Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris
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Shiatzy Chen Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

Wow, finally, a beautiful burst of color has hit the runways for the spring summer 2015 shows.

And it comes courtesy of the designer Shiatzy Chen who sent out delicately patterned designs in rich blues and pinks that seemed inspired by expensive vases painted in the Orient back when, but worn as fly away dresses here.

And the color did not stop there. Consider the pretty short dresses in fuzzy colored lines, looking like a brightly lit rainbow, that were decorated with more modern playful-looking Chinese motifs.

A talented hand was at work here. The cuts were wide and varied in their range and showed some lovely originality. There were pajama-style outfits; some that looked cute and sporty and other that looked like traditional Chinese silk suits. And layering was big with, say, a silk three-quarter length dress covering a light pink pleated skirt.

Rather than stick to tried and tested patterns, the designer experimented with a skirt shaped like a V or one designed like a bell that floated around the model.

There was a bit of the fly away dancer in the pieces, giving an ethereal feel, but there were also some more earthy Chinese tunic style dresses and modern minimalist white silhouettes, some in see-through materials.

The designer played with exploring different one-piece trouser suit cuts that billowed at the pockets and cute nightwear/sportswear inspired options, or dreamy layered daywear.

This was a beautiful collection from a talented designer blending east meets west, as well as the refined old world and the contemporary, made her own.