Thakoon Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2013 New York

“This collection was a dream and a fantasy; for me that is what fashion is about, not that I hate reality but I just wanted something that people would dream about,” said Thakoon Panichgul about his spring/summer 2013 show.

It looks like Panichgul is a lucky man as his dreams seem to be filled with fluttering butterflies, colorful hummingbirds and blooming pink roses. His is a romantic realm where women want to feel beautiful, feminine and always polished. Ready for any late braking garden party or spontaneous summer wedding.

But make no mistake; this collection wasn’t a cloying saccharin sweet show. No, Panichgul’s color palette of lemon yellow, striking shades of blue, a healthy does of black and some crisp whites helped balance out the dainty aviary printed dresses and hummingbird embroidered jackets. So too did the sporty yet forgiving shapes of the clothing which was cut to let the fabric move easily with movement of the models bodies.

The gradual introduction of a collage-like melding of different materials such as lace, leather and foliage pints to make up a v-neck dress or the semi-transparent feather light knitwear in floral patterns were other ways the designer way able to subvert girly staples and give them a modern edge.

The only element that felt a bit forced was the inclusion of oversized plastic sequin overlays on a few of the more restrained pieces. Other than that minor distraction this was a show that is surly already making buyers dream about future sales.

- Jessica Michault