The Blonds Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York
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The Blonds Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

The Blonds presentation is always a carry! Not sure what that means? You might not be the intended audience for this brand.

A carry, you know, a show, an event, an extravaganza, a moment, a spectacle. It's a carry. Well, let me not kid you, it's not just a show, it's not just an event — it’s the show, the event. There's something that pushes it to a level that might be just short of outrageous or might even be outrageous if done just right. That's a carry.

When people get to your show dressed to the nines with white-out contacts, or with black-out contacts, a crown and a top knot to sit on the fourth row and still attract photographers to their perch, it's a carry.  When the show proper has to start about 45 minutes late because the guests themselves won't get off the runway to take their seats (and when they do, every square inch of the venue floor besides the runway is covered), it's a carry.  When Amanda LePore arrives — yes, just her arrival — it's a carry. So yes, that was The Blonds.

As always, Phillipe Blond was the first out, signature blonde tresses blowing, over-the-knee Christian Louboutins strapped on and two model body guards of sorts flanking at the ready. The silhouette for The Blondes is simple: with less, do more.  That means keep it short or barely there at all, like in their favorite silhouette of a body suit, but then pile on anything you want to. That's a graphic print of their name. That's gold grommets, chains, crystals and even a little floral appliqué.  Absolutely whatever you want. 

It's not for the average consumer; it was never meant to be. In fact, the entire Blondes business, as revealed backstage, is private clients, custom orders. So no, you will not run into three of your best friends and find them in those green orange and black colored bumster cut metal-applique trousers the next time you go out. You also likely won't be able to sit. And while you'll be able to sit in the closing bronze jumpsuit with its metal-scaled thighs and arms, it's highly unlikely you'll ever run into a doppleganger.  But what you might run into?  "Girl, you're such a carry tonight."