The Faith Connexion revolution is set to reach out to creators, retailers and consumers.



The Circle of Faith is the new concept launched by Armand Hadida, CEO of L’Eclaireur and Alexandre Allard, owner of the Faith Connexion brand. ‘We want to turn the creator’s work into a noble art, grant more respect to the retailer and acknowledge the customer’s true value’. Armand Hadida sets the trend, Faith Connexion which has quickly become inescapable will in turn use its intuition to provide innovative surprises. They are creating a new platform in partnership with L’Eclaireur where business practices are revolutionised and the relationship between brands and multipurpose boutiques is reinvented. This new distribution model incorporates both physical collections and emergant mobile shopping.



From Alexandre Allard’s viewpoint fashion has become lacklustre, tedious, too set in its ways,  something he describes as ‘a creative recession in fashion, we have a tenth of the creativity today that we had in the 1980s despite still using the same distribution model as we did back then. And everything is still based around the existence of brands even though customers are increasingly less interested in hearing about brands and more interested in hearing about themselves’. This new concept stems from the same idea, the customers’ need to be more and more ‘themselves’, to show themselves to the world with their own sense of personality. This project can be seen as an attack on the mainstream to promote uniqueness and authenticity as true fashion. ‘We need to put the customer back in contact with a wide range of creative spheres’ he says. Everyone is familiar with the major brands that feature in magazines, ‘those people haven’t had anything to say for a long time, anything new comes from the underground’. Alexandre Allard wants to see talented newcomers at the front of the stage and to allow their creative message to be spread via the platform of L’Eclaireur. It’s a massive springboard for creators typically overlooked by the major fashion companies. Seeking out celebrity collaborations is the antithesis of the Faith Connection mindset. They want to create the type of experimental space where the ‘mental space conceptualists’ of L’Eclaireur can display their collections to customers allowing them to add an extra dimension to the clothing. The shop is no longer simply a window, now it becomes a creative space where a process also takes place when a purchase it made. It’s no longer merely an impulsive gesture, there is an active contribution from the customer that is involved. The intention is to not simply seduce the customer but to allow them to develop. ‘The market we see today would have never expected such a noble minded proposal’ in the words of Armand Hadida himself.



The designer becomes an artist tasking with making the item ever more beautiful. The customers can even request that the artist personalises their purchase with a word or expression. The aim is to turn the garment into ‘a second skin, a window to their character’. If the customer doesn’t have a wide enough choice in the shop they are offered a tour of the virtual showroom for an alternative version of their chosen item which can then be delivered to them that afternoon or the following day. This system allows the customer to have an idea of what they are buying even if has yet to be delivered as they will already know the fabric, the look and the personal touches. ‘As the world moves away from material things there is a greater need for physicality’, a need that Alexandre Allard seeks to address with this new system.



‘We used to have our initials sewn into clothes, now we can let our artistic sensitivity come forth and reveal our own identity’, Faith Connexion adopts a new way to see fashion and its distribution. They are creating a new approach to the sphere. Each customer will have their ‘own faith’ and be able to set themselves apart by participating in the creation of their own ‘collection’. It’s not a question of ‘customising’ but rather of creating a unique piece, individual and beautiful. ‘Of course this is nothing new for the elite of the fashion world, indeed they’ve probably seen it all before, but we want to bring millions of people into this marketplace. We are the first to do so’, the major players will no longer be the only ones with a creator’s piece in their image. ‘I’m for the underground and against celebrity’, the Faith Connexion team wants to put things ‘back in their right place’: a designer, an artist, a distributor and not, as is often the case these days: a brand and a celebrity teaming up together. In this new landscape the celebrity will resume their status of icon or window model for those currently less well known. This Circle of Faith is the new springboard for the talented. In this system artists are restored, as is luxury in general, they regain a value too often overlooked because beyond simple questions of price, luxury is really a product of scarcity. Each item is special, each item has a soul. This is the core of the project, Faith Connexion wishes to bring the soul back to a realm losing itself in overconsumption and uniformity by giving consumers the chance to wear genuine works of art.






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