The End: JPG's Alternative Couture Bride

In couture, it's tradition to have a fairytale ending - a bride. Her dress, typically, is bigger and better than the rest, outshines everything you've seen until now and puts fashion on yet another alternative universe of creativity - or madness, depending upon your point of view. 


Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show Couture Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Paris


So leave it to Jean Paul Gaultier, the man who still knows how to put a skip in your fashion step, to do something a little different. Because the here-comes-the-bride moment has become a little predictable. Until, that is, it's Coco Rocha on a swing, flying way up high above pseudo corn fields and then leaping off onto the catwalk to be caught by her beau in his barrow. Cue applause, cue just married, cue joie de vivre and all the reasons JPG is still the go-to designer for flamboyance, exuberance and fashion in just the right way. The way you want it and the way you remember it from way back when. 

Because couture, in all of its grandeur, can seem very serious. Of course it is, we're talking big bucks. But sometimes it lacks the fun factor because it's just so pretty, or so traditional or so trying to be a little too avant-garde. And then along comes JPG and his gaggle of girls who had stepped out of that era when fashion was fabulous and fashion really felt like fashion. That was the Eighties and early Nineties. Think the supermodel era. When hats (that didn't keep you warm) were an acceptable accessory; when eyeshadow was insane in colour with opaque tights to match it and when the tuxedo suit was one powerful thing.


Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show Couture Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Paris


Gaultier reprised a whole host of them today, gorgeously louche and slinky, oversized boaters up top and shocking pink eyelids flashing up below the brim. Headscarves had a Boy George style about them, as did the plaited hair and a medley of awesome Eighties tunes showed this was the era Mr Gaultier was channeling. The hey day of fashion. A hey day of his. In fact it's provided several designers inspiration across the schedule this season - Alexandre Vauthier and Zuhair Murad.


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