Thierry Mugler Menswear Fall Winter 2011 Paris
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Thierry Mugler Menswear Fall Winter 2011 Paris

The debut defilé by newly appointed creative director Nicola Formichetti and menswear designer Romain Kremer for Thierry Mugler now shortened, simply, to Mugler.
Entitled Anatomy Of Change the collection proposed pure wool suits, kid leather gloves and chiffon shirts mixed with latex jackets, rubber, neoprene and mirrored breastplates.
A collection that will be manufactured in Italy and France, the design presented a message of inner strength represented by clean, minimalist lines on the suits and distressed leather pants that played with padded biker paneling.
This was contrasted with delicate chiffon trails and pearls across necklines.
Buckled ankle boots and lace-up creeper shoes were made in collaboration with British shoe-makers, Underground.
The choice of male models mirrored the feeling of inner confidence, in particular twenty-four year old Rick Genest from Montreal who has tattoos of his inner anatomy across eighty percent of his body.
A striking vision on the catwalk, Genest also featured in the teaser video clip that presents a collection of menswear that arguably contains many collectible pieces for new and old fans of the house of Mugler.

Soundtrack: Lady Gaga, Scheiße (remix for Mugler defilé)