Tiger of Sweden Menswear Fall Winter 2015 London

Backstage, before their show this afternoon, the Tiger of Sweden team were in fighting form. Their London debut last season had already established the current incarnation of their aesthetic — sharp, fast, controlled - and today they were back to ramp things up a notch or three.

The first model was already halfway down the catwalk before the music kicked in, a blur of sharp black tailoring slashed with stark white socks. That look set the scene for much of the show's Mod-tinged, fiercely graphic energy, from slim two-piece suits layered with quilted bombers to contrast blocked sweatshirts and slick leather sub-layers.

On the return lap, subtler details of each look came into sharper relief: tone-on-tone Mondrian grid prints, color-graded knits, fearsomely high-waisted trousers, lightweight, broken-patterned overcoats that felt more like dressing gowns. And, for all the talk of speed and aggression both backstage and on the runway itself, it was those smaller twists that spoke loudest about Tiger's point of view.