Tommy Hilfiger Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2017 Los Angeles

The grand tone was set Tuesday night, when the models were flown to California on “Tommy Air,” a branded flight, not dissimilar to Victoria's Secret's get down. Considering the buzz it gathered on social media, one could easily state that Hilfiger’s Spring/Summer 2017 show actually started then and there. This however was but a small sample of things to come the next evening... [CONTINUE READING...]

One of the first designers to kick off fashion week, Tommy Hilfiger’s show was a continuation of last season’s hard-to-top spectacle (insert last season’s social spectacle story here). Again, the use of a spelled out ideal provided the contrast gainer. Whereas on one hand, the second collection – co-designed by Gigi Hadid – looked like a revamp of iconic pieces reimagined for a social media savvy generation, on the other, a slogan tee inscribed with “Young America” felt as topical as ever. [CONTINUE READING...]


Watch the livestream of the Tommy Hilfiger show ready-to-wear collection Spring/Summer 2017 from Los Angeles.