Tory Burch on Turning to Interior Design

The setting could not have been more ideal to compliment Tory Burch's Spring/Summer 2018 runway presentation which took place first thing Thursday morning, bright and early. Staged outdoors in the lush and manicured gardens of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York’s Upper East Side, the weather was wonderful and the well-dressed attendees were visibly enthusiastic and chatty. Optimism was in the air. 

Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION


Adding to the excitement of the event, and to the delight of the many present photographers, journalists, and bloggers (especially this early!), celebrities and fashion’s top ranking were in attendance with the likes of Jordana Brewster, Emily Blunt, Tabitha Simmons, and Linda Fargo sitting front row.

Inspired by the archive of the late legendary British interior designer David Hicks – known for his daring and ostentatious use of print and color – the collection’s overall feel was immediately set; bold prints filled the runway in the form of jersey, satin, and silk dresses, trousers, and tops, all executed in super fluid styles. In an interview with Burch backstage after the show, the designer explained how she worked with David Hicks’ family to bring his work to life. “His son opened up his scrapbooks to me and wanted us to put our own take on it,” she said. “What’s funny is that he said his dad would hate this print (points at a few of the dresses) because he was very into symmetry, but that he loved it!”

Working with a new stylist for the season, Burch tapped Benjamin Bruno to outfit the collection whose esteemed work with notable fashion photographers has elevated him to luxury cult status. The result? A tightly stylized delivery of iconic Burch looks injected with some asymmetrical updates and a new spin on mix and matching where most shoppers outside of Burch’s normal circuit will surely find a resonating look.

“When I design a collection I ask myself ‘would I wear it, would my step daughter wear it?’” explained Burch. “It’s really about who the customer is and I think it’s all of us, so I love the terrycloth cause it’s bringing us back to the earth collection and some of the pieces were also about that.”

Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION

Burch’s signature use of color and print was to be expected, yet this newfound inspiration by way of Hicks took her design into new and lively geometrical directions. On one hand, it infused the overall collection with eye catching lines, shapes, and colors (in some cases even making neutral shades of brown and tan pop), to where you could easily imagine spotting many of these outfits worn elegantly and comfortably in a plush resort – naturally, most likely where a lot of her shoppers actually hang out.

On the other hand, it also resulted in a number of unpredictable and successful pieces such as toweling bathrobes, which were printed in pink and orange and made perfect sense despite being bookended between elegant daytime attires. To compliment the harmonious combination of the diverse and almost clashing prints, Burch grounded the collection with some of her classic accessories: beach towels, oversized printed and embellished bags, and an array of footwear styles including colorful striped and metallic mules, embellished slip-ons, and, unsurprisingly, the signature Tory Burch flat sandals in brown, rainbow stripes, and metallic – sure to continue being the big international seller they are.

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