Trend Alert: The Bodysuit is Back!

Photo by Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION

From Tom Ford and Jeremy Scott, to Baja East and The Blonds, key players included the form revealing bodysuit in their assortment. Considering it’s a big hit circulating young fashion at the moment, it seems like a timely and commercially sound design to include in any collection, which in turn brings up an interesting question: are high-end brands being inspired by household brands? Possibly, maybe even certainly. But either way, what is not up for question is that the bodysuit has made it's return to the main stage. Athletic and lounge-inspired options offered either a sporty or casual luxe take on outfits. Here are the designers flirting with this spring trend:


A sleek seamless bodysuit entered the runway on the second model out during Tom Ford's New York showing. The super high cut area around the hip matched the super low scoop neck, creating a barely there style in a pale cosmetic hue. It felt reminiscent of what we’ve been seeing on influencers a lot lately, underscoring the continuation of this piece as a spring staple that's perfect for layering. Over at Baja East, the magnificent Karlie Kloss opened their runway show in a white spandex bodysuit with the message "Thriving" plastered across her chest. A similar style, this time solid black, read "Baja Bae," punctuating the piece as a memorable takeaway from the show. There was also a third option thrown in the mix featuring a horse logo with "Baja East" layered on top. 

Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION

Not such an unexpected piece to spot on a Jeremy Scott runway, but still a prominent piece. First off was a rich neon yellow bodysuit with a graphic of cartoon ribs, followed by a kitschy number with a repeat conversational print atop a multi-colored stripe garment, and, lastly, a simple black one-piece with "viva avant garde" spray painted across the chest area. The bodysuit also seemed relevant over at Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, with the singer-turned-designer instilling the pieces’ original function back in force – an active piece with a sexy attitude! Skintight pieces formed the crux of Rihanna’s collection, leaning on the uniforms spotted in extreme sports such as BMX. The styling trend was consistent with the Tom Ford show; that is, the high-cut hip area exposed with low-slung volume trousers. It gave off a certain attitude in both shows which straddled the line of sporty and sensual.

Photo by Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION

Chromat usually forms most of its designs around formfitting pieces, so spotting a bodysuit or two in the collection didn’t seem like much of a surprise. Confirming our trend-spotting, the interesting update appeared in the form of elaborately high-cut styles making their debut. This particular style felt very nostalgic, almost Baywatch-like and was executed in a rich, royal blue. The Blonds also dipped their toe into the trend pool, incorporating a very synthetic candy blue and pink version with the super high cut version. Cushnie et Ochs' take on this trend – although only including one bodysuit this spring – was unlike the others. Instead of veering towards the sporty side of the style, design team Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs explored the feminine, sensual side of a bodysuit by opting for a risqué deep v-neckline instead of a sporty scoop, and covering a white-grounded body with a tropical floral print instead of using a statement slogan.