Vera Wang Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2014 New York

Bugs and blurry blooms were the order of the day at Vera Wang’s romantic yet eccentric show on Tuesday. The designer walked a creative line between youthful irreverence and an after dark refinement that made for a surprisingly successful mash up.

Wang started out strong with quite a lot of moody winter daywear. And let’s underline the word winter in that last line, because that distinction is getting harder and harder to make on many of the catwalks here in New York. These pieces, from an enveloping coatdress to a full swing skirt came cut in a charcoal and black tartan pattern often worn head to toe. But it was Wang’s juxtaposition of different fabrics (wool, printed georgette and satin chiffon) and the dimensions of said checks that kept the ensembles from looking monotonous.

The addition of some bejeweled insect brooches and necklaces and luxe tops with images of a bug or the phrase “you bug me” injected a fun insolent attitude into the show. But trying to wear the designer’s maxi platform high heels in the winter snow next season would surly mean running the risk of losing life or limb.

From there Wang started to loose things up considerably with fluid tops and floor length coats which feature hazy blooms- a print treatment that quite a few designers have introduced in their collections this week- sometimes damping the print down further by layering it with monochrome semi sheer chiffon. The introduction of lurex into the lineup arrived just in time to lighten the mood and looked particularly fetching when covered in crunchy three dimensional beaded embroidery.

After so much solid daywear Wang took an odd detour with her evening attire. The transparency of her folded chiffon trapeze dresses and the see-through silk tulle gowns that closed the show somehow undermined all the solid groundwork laid out in the first half of her collection. These were pieces never meant to see the light of a winter’s day, and possibly not even a summer’s day.

But there were more then enough desirable pieces in this show to keep Wang in good stead with buyers for next season.