Vera Wang Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York
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Vera Wang Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 New York

Before the Vera Wang show started on Tuesday,  there were a lot of indicators that this collection would be slanted towards the designer's highly-successful bridalwear business. There was the set: a white pebble covered catwalk, the leafy topiary backdrop, the cream colored benches. There was the season- spring/summer 2015.

And, finally, the give-away first line in the press notes that read, “Bridal Infusion."

Wang doing bridal- the woman was clearly going to be working from her favorite wheelhouse.

And then the first look came down the catwalk- black from head to toe. Even the model’s eyes were dark rimmed. From staying up all night crying about her fate, or perhaps partying too late at her hen night? Who knows. But it did make for a head scratcher of a start.

This first ensemble was then followed in quick succession by fourteen more pitch black outfits. Each one was deftly tailored and impressively adorned with thick passementirere, edged with box pleats or covered in ruffles- sometimes all three flourishes showed up together. Beautiful, yet also somehow frustrating, as there was a sense that all of Wang’s workmanship was getting a bit lost in her chosen inky shade.

And then the panels of tulle finally showed up. The designer began to overlay the material, itself covered into reflective geometric beading, onto babydoll trapeze dresses. These, although still black, had been crafted from metallic floral brocades.

This is when the Wang show really started to pick up steam. She moved into floaty maxi dresses where layers of differently patterned flower-motif silk garza gave the gowns a depth, while their racer back construction introduced a sporty vitality into all the prettiness.

Wang’s dark brides might do well to forgo the ceremony all together and go straight to the after party. They certainly would be dressed for the occasion.