Versace Couture Fall Winter 2013 Paris
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Versace Couture Fall Winter 2013 Paris

Versace, opening the haute couture ball again this season, decided to show its collection in the waning hours of the final day of Paris Menswear.

With the house’s favorite show venue (the Ritz) closed for renovation, the brand has been testing out a few different locations for its couture collection. But it was only on Sunday night, in the gilded halls of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris, that Versace looked to have finally found the right fit for its statement making style.

It was there that designer Donatella Versace produced a sparkling and oh so sexy show that was Versace couture with a capital V.

The designer set the bar high with the first look that came down the runway. Ms Naomi Campbell, with her signature strut, dominated the catwalk, wearing just a shimmering black jacket that was tricked out with a hook and eye seam design edged with Swarovski crystals. Versace decided to leave some of the fastenings along the shoulder, at the hip and across the chest undone to expose more skin and make Campbell’s luxe lingerie an integral element of the ensemble. The look was finished off with one of the brand’s new high jewelry pieces, a diamond necklace with a central pendant in the form of the brand’s iconic medusa logo crafted from white diamonds.

The celebrity front row, which included Uma Thurman, Emma Roberts, Mena Suvari and Zachary Quinto whooped their approval as the supermodel finished her opening turn. From there the collection continued down a powerful and provocative path. With one gleaming cocktail dress, tailored micro sequined suit, midriff baring crop top or jewel hued crocodile coat after another showing up with sections sliced out of the fabric, fastenings left undone, or lace inserts and feather embellishments added into the mix.

This was a no holds barred collection designed for strong women who know how their feminine wiles work and have no problem wheedling them to their own advantage.   

- Jessica Michault