Versace Haute Joaillerie Credits: Courtesy of PR
Versace Haute Joaillerie Credits: Courtesy of PR
Versace Haute Joaillerie Credits: Courtesy of PR
Versace Haute Joaillerie Credits: Courtesy of PR

Versace Haute Joaillerie

Couture Week made what might be called its official start with the Versace runway show last Sunday, with the house working with the styles of the 1950s to create a collection of ostentatious gowns, large swishes of silky materials, and finely crafted skinny dresses with modern cuts and flamboyant embellishments.

Later in the week, the maison joined those presenting high jewelry collections here in Paris, with a selection of items that looked fit for the rich tastes of Louis the Sun King.

The decorative gold casing surrounding a rich emerald ring looked as if a frame from one of the thrones from Versailles had been reworked and twisted around the precious stone. There were rounds of diamonds surrounding the gem adding to the allure.

Some of the necklaces in the selection looked more modern than some of the collections on show across Paris this week, less embellished and with more geometric combinations of colors and, sometimes,  larger eye-catching stones, in one case here creating a splashy daisy chain around the neck in vibrant orange, yellow and black petal like cuts.

The dangling earrings encased in gold were equally ostentatious  and rich and beautifully splashy, like drops of gold and green glimmering seductively in the sunlight. The earrings are made of 18 karat yellow gold with brilliant cut diamonds and peridot stones.

The Haute Couture collection, the house said, is characterized by, “glamorous yet luxury hints.” It is characterized by exclusive fine stones such as peridot, rubellite, kunzite and morganite and full diamonds pave.

Precious stones featured in refined hand-sculptured frames with yellow gold that convey a brilliant and vibrant touch made it “very Versace,” the house said in a release.