Versace Menswear Spring Summer 2013 Milan

Donatella Versace knows her customer. And she knows they are champions of in your face fashion that isn’t afraid to be a bit brazen or over the top. And so it was that, to the thumping beat of “We Will Rock You” from Queen, the designer opened her show with a tableau of taunt and toned men ready to take to the ring. The collection was a warrior’s wardrobe filled with boxing belts, gangster-like gun holsters (that carried wallets instead of pistols) and Mr. T clunking gold chains. Putting the accessories aside for a moment the actual clothing was none the less blatant with hunks in trunks (some even cut with transparent fabric at the back) and sleeveless thick shouldered jackets. Granted this collection was meant to underline the reboot of the brands underwear and swimwear lines, so it can be forgiven for it’s slightly one note feel. In fact it was the few and far between quieter creations that proved that the Versace brand is not just about flash and fantasy dressing. A group of double breasted power suits, some open weave knitwear crafted in a diamond pattern and black eyelet blouson top all hinted at the fact that these gladiator He-Man hotties had other options.

-Jessica Michault