Versace Va Va Voom: 6 things to love

Karlie, Gigi, Jourdan, Kendall – there was no down-playing the Versace mega army this season as they orbited a catwalk of snail shell shapes and proportions to make for a tour du force of a show as girls in stealth tailoring or lithe and sinuous silhouettes shook their thing – and they did (some more than others!).



Headbands are back – and not in the tennis-sporting sense. Think a thin strand to pull on one’s hair just so and wear it with everything from your serious winter coat to tropical prints on an all-in-one. A Versace girl would – and does.



Arm bands. No, not like the sort you might flap around in in a swimming pool – it’s the arm equivalent to a gaiter or the like. Versace did them in baby blue and navy to give optional sportswear edge.



Coral, blue, and yellow – the big three when it comes to colour combinations. It feels fresh, serious, and fun. A refracted print shows it off best but failing that just make sure there’s a splash of said shades to bring some Versace punch to your wardrobe next season.



Match your fuzzy coat to your fuzzy bag. When it wasn’t about the aforementioned colour combination, it was about texture – and matchy matchy is the best way to do it.



Walk the walk. A Versace girl commands the room – she walks in like she owns it, because she does. Learn it and work it. This was the lesson to take notes from. Swot up.