Victoria Beckham Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York
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Victoria Beckham Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

Those who braved the mind numbingly cold New York City winter winds on Sunday morning to attend the Victoria Beckham show were rewarded with a collection filled with unexpectedly delightful and rather daring designs.

Beckham produced a minimalistic collection, filled with roomy outerwear and feel good fabrics, which was elevated through the way she draped her ensembles. In classic, muted monochrome hues of cream, navy, grey and black, that were punctuated with pieces cut in yoke yellow or tangerine orange, the collection’s clear focus was on the sculptural nature of each covetable piece.

The sophisticated, yet somehow handicraft, way Beckham folded the fabric along the waistline of cropped pants, twisted the knit of a sweater so that it fell like a sash across the body, or gathered the clothing into an elegant asymmetrical peplums was expertly done.  And the use of oversized buttons to accent the points where sections of the textiles came together gracefully highlighted the play of volume and construction.

When Beckham moved into more form fitting designs the result was no less appealing. Sleeveless dresses looked rather sexy with precise slits inserted into the sides of the torso. While the final few sliced and diced deconstructed skirts added just a touch of avant-garde design drama into this very winning collection.