Victoria Beckham Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 New York
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Victoria Beckham Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014 New York

In a progression that seems almost effortless, Victoria Beckham continued her development as a designer this season with a collection that felt like precisely the right evolutionary step for the mother of four.

Moving away from the bodycon pieces that so defined her work when she started her label in 2008, Beckham sent out cropped forgiving pants, rounded jackets and spaghetti strap tops that finished in easy waves of ruffles below the waist.  Pieces that showed she could control volume just as skillfully as she does her trademark formfitting ensembles.

When she did bring her construction back against the body the pieces always came with some sort of a release. For example, an asymmetrical skirt that endearingly curved-up on one leg to reveal a pleated white underskirt.

In a show dominated by black and white, the use of fuchsia to underline the designer’s introduction of a graphic geometric motif was clever. As was the blocky patchwork of different textured fabrics she chose to create a focal point on the front of boxy tops.  But it will be those flirty dresses with the side pleats peaking out and one exquisite gossamer light, almost translucent, white bomber jacket that will fly off store shelves next spring.

This was a deceptively simple, clean and effective show that points to a maturing designer willing to take the time to get it right.

- Jessica Michault