VIDEO: Fendi Fashion Show Fall Winter 2013 Milan

"Fur is in the fur", "Fur is Fendi and Fendi is Fur" - with such notes on Karl Lagerfeld's sketches for the new Fendi collection we have started our experience before the first model has even trotted the runway. With "punk heads" and pointed lips the look was sharp and very modern, as were the clothes. As Karl Lagerfeld, an artistic director of Fendi house explains, one piece can be done of zillions tiny details and so to achieve that Fendi has a strong team of professionals. The collection was an ode to technology and
statement accessories.

Author and a host - Daria Shapovalova for NOWFASHION
Cameraman - Yuriy Semenyuk
Journalist - Anton Yeremenko

Daria wears Yasya Minochkina dress, Topshop sweater, Lanvin for H&M necklace


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