VIDEO: "The Circus of Fashion”

Just before the beginning of fashion week’s circle the article titled “The Circus of Fashion” hit all the social media. Fashion world was sharing and posting it, commenting if they agree with it’s author, one of the most influential fashion writers in the world, Suzy Menkes.

The article raised the number of questions, which were in the air for a long time. What is the difference between the stylish and the showoffs? Is it appropriate to change outfits for a number of times during one day to be photographed by the likes of Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton?

With a great respect to Suzy Menkes and all the street style photographers and their so-called victims, we asked a number of fashion influentials to comment on the hottest topic of the season – “The Circus of Fashion”.


Daria Shapovalova - author and a host
Anton Yeremenko - journalist
Yuriy Semenyuk - cameraman

Music - Nastya Vakuum

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