Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring Summer 2012 Milan
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Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring Summer 2012 Milan

The Vivienne Westwood MAN show reminded all of the big event that will be happening in London in the summer of 2012: the olympics. The Olympic flame, a gathering of gold medals and a dance of Grecian olympiads appeared as prints on t-shirts while models heads were adorned with laurel wreaths. Pin-stripes and plaid patterns (staple Westwood signatory themes) appeared on shorts, three-piece suits and shirts. Sandals, patent red penny loafers and tone-toned lace-ups appeared on feet as did slip-on flats with bows and the Westwood take on the Grecian ballet slipper. Trousers were cut loose and gathered in, ruched at the waist with thick leather belts. As ever propositions for knitwear were present: light-weight cardigans and v-neck jumpers, all with the ubiquitous Westwood logo that fans the world over have come to adore and collect. Jackets were single-breasted with largely two buttons. The button up, summer rain mac was given a minimal touch with pointy collars that looked chic fastened up. Five tote man-bags appeared on the runway in leather and canvas. Lots for the Westwood man to choose from. Dame Westwood appeared at the close of the show with her husband and head of the MAN team, Andreas Kronthaler. 

Traditional Chinese
维维安·韦斯特伍德 (Vivienne Westwood) 男裝秀提醒我們所有的大事件將要在倫敦的夏天2012年發生:奧運會。時裝模特頭裝飾著月桂樹花圈, T卹打印金牌, 奧運聖火和希臘奧林匹亞體育人。短褲, 三件套西裝和襯衫都是細條紋和格子圖案(韦斯特伍德簽署主題)。涼鞋, 紅色閃亮的皮革浪子鞋, 同色調鞋帶鞋和直接穿上的蝴蝶結鞋表明韦斯特伍德希臘芭蕾舞鞋靈感。褲子剪裁寬鬆, 褶和緊縮 在腰間配上厚厚的皮帶。一如以往有許多針織品:薄羊毛衫和V領毛線衣, 他們都有世界各地粉絲喜爱和收集的無處不在韦斯特伍德標誌。外套主要是兩個按鈕單排扣。簡單尖尖領子的防水外套系起来外觀別緻。有五個皮革和帆布男子手提包袋出現在時尚跑道。韦斯特伍德的時尚男人將有很多選擇。韦斯特伍德夫人和她負責男裝的丈夫,安德烈亞斯·克朗泰勒 (Andreas Kronthaler) 一起謝幕。

Simplified Chinese
维维安·韦斯特伍德 (Vivienne Westwood) 男装秀提醒我们所有的大事件将要在伦敦的夏天2012年发生:奥运会。时装模特头装饰着月桂树花圈, T恤打印金牌, 奥运圣火和希腊奥林匹亚体育人。短裤, 三件套西装和衬衫都是细条纹和格子图案(韦斯特伍德签署主题)。凉鞋, 红色闪亮的皮革浪子鞋, 同色调鞋带鞋和直接穿上的蝴蝶结鞋表明韦斯特伍德希腊芭蕾舞鞋灵感。裤子剪裁宽松, 褶和紧缩 在腰间配上厚厚的皮带。一如以往有许多针织品:薄羊毛衫和V领毛线衣, 他们都有世界各地粉丝喜爱和收集的无处不在韦斯特伍德标志。外套主要是两个按钮单排扣。简单尖尖领子的防水外套系起来外观别致。有五个皮革和帆布男子手提包袋出现在时尚跑道。韦斯特伍德的时尚男人将有很多选择。韦斯特伍德夫人和她负责男装的丈夫,安德烈亚斯・克朗泰勒 (Andreas Kronthaler) 一起谢幕。

Translation by Cliff Lee