Walter Van Beirendonck Menswear Spring Summer 2015 Paris
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Walter Van Beirendonck Menswear Spring Summer 2015 Paris

In a time where the menswear industry is as booming as it is today, Walter van Beirendonck is one of the very few designers to still use the catwalk as a platform to make strong statements on the modern-day society. Known for blurring gender lines, he is not unique on the Paris menswear schedule, but he is a master in separating himself from the rest.

Today the Antwerp Six designer showed his collection at Garage Lübeck, a totally different location from the ones he used before, like Opera and Maison de Métallos. “Every collection needs another venue. I think it is important to experiment with locations as well," said Van Beirendonck.

His Spring Summer 2015 collection, entitled 'Whambam' was inspired by the lack of privacy we are having in this fast-moving world. It was all about the contrast between a dark world and paradise.

The prints in this collection referred to two entirely different worlds. ‘I got the idea by thinking of lost paradise and desert painting. It's what they used during the war to mislead enemies.” This misleading aspect was not only present in the printed items, but also in the headpieces designed by Jacques Blankwater, pointing towards the cameras.

As for the leaf necklaces, which he was wearing himself, all Van Beirendonck had to say was: “I just like a touch of nature”.