Wes Gordon Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 New York

Wes Gordon goes for a 90s sort of clean, lean sexiness as opposed to the overt, sometimes hard sexy that seems pervasive today, The result can come off as columnar, of course most obvious in the ribbed column dress that he sent down today's runway. "I just like a very clean, confident, streamlined silhouette with an ease," the designer said after the show. "That's really the woman we've established." 

"What I wanted to inject into that is color, texture and fun and play with that a little bit." The most sumptuous of those fabrications came by way of collaboration with Saga Furs by Pologeorgis. More than a few of those backstage were effusing about them.  And if those brought a touch of glam, a black fabric embroidered with silver and gold as well as Swarovski crystals brought the glitz.

It was a beautiful turn out, modernity in pieces like a trompe l'oeil dress that seemed a crop top and skirt paring, as well as a bit of fun with the coterie of prints utilized, but of course what can we expect, this is one in Anna Wintour's stable of designers; the editress sitting front and center, legs defiantly crossed, immune to photographer protestations.